Pet-Mat Heated Animal Pad Medium Box Fai
What is a Pet-Mat?

Pet-Mat™ is the latest in heating pads for pets, utilizing the advanced technology of Thin Film Technology heating, resulting in the most economical, self-regulating, high-tech heating device perfect for keeping pets or sick / arthritic animals warm in all weather.

Thin Film Technology is the cutting edge technology that has changed the heating industry. It is rapidly heating, with a heating system that is self controlling, and the heat is uniform across the whole surface. There is much less wiring needed, it is extremely durable, and uses far less power than traditional technologies. Pet-Mats™ with the TFT technology is water and corrosion resistant, leading to longer service life. It is easily washed if soiled.

No thermostat control is necessary as the technical design of the Pet-Mat™ is made to attain a maximum of 40°C whether it is covered or not. We recommend that a cover (like a towel or thin blanket) is used to ensure maximum comfort. It is impossible for the mat to overheat. It also does not emit any EMF which can be harmful and interrupt with Veterinary programs.

The Mat is compact (about 2mm thick), fully flexible, durable, waterproof and most importantly, operates on a low voltage 12 volt DC system which is entirely safe for all pets.

Pet-Mats™ have been designed to meet stringent electrical UL, CE and ASTM standards AS 335.2.81 which is a standard written for Personal Human Heating Mats.

Pet-Mat Technology Product Information