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Pet-Mat™ is a specially designed pet warming pad, used to keep pets warm when they need it most.

Pet-Mat™ was originally designed for vets to use in surgery and animal care, when animals are less able to regulate their body temperature. It's ultra-slim design and extremely easy-to-clean surface made it ideal for this situation. Pet Mat's ability to keep pets warm goes beyond veterinary clinics and into the home of every dog or cat owner!

A pet heating pad with the latest technology


Designed in Australia and made from strong, lightweight and highly conductive carbon fibre, Pet-Mat™ is the most technically advanced and safe animal heating pad around.


Pet Mat uses Thin Film Technology (TFT) heating which produces highly economical, self-regulating, controlled heat. TFT is cutting edge technology that has changed the heating industry. It's rapidly heating, self regulating system distributes warmth uniformly across the whole surface of the heating pad. It requires less wiring, is extremely durable, and uses much less power than traditional heating technologies.


TFT technology is water and corrosion resistant, giving Pet Mat a longer product life. It's also easily washed if soiled.


Designed for pet warmth, comfort and safety

Pet-Mat™ doesn't require a thermostat as its heat dispersion technology moves heat toward the coolest areas. The heat movement is influenced by contact. As your pet becomes warmer, they'll move to a cooler part of the mat. This will cause more more heat -flow to that area, leaving the 'untouched' parts of the mat cooler. Pet Mat is designed to reach a maximum of 40°C. It's impossible for the mat to overheat.  Depending on the conditions (flooring type like tiles or floor boards, and air temp), the mat can reach up to 20-30 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature. 

The Mat is compact (about 2mm thick), fully flexible, durable, waterproof and most importantly, operates on a low voltage 12 volt DC system which is entirely safe for all pets.

Pet-Mats™ have been designed to meet stringent electrical UL, CE and ASTM standards AS 335.2.81 which is a standard written for Personal Human Heating Mats.

Pet-Mat Technology Product Information
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