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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the element used in Pet-Mat made from?

Our Pet-Mat is made using advanced Thin Film Technology. Rather than conventional heating wires that can cause harmful “magnetic radiation”, overheating, and consumption of large quantities of power, the Pet-Mat’s TFT technology eliminates all of those factors by using carbon ink.

How do you know when the mat is on?

If you have only just turned the mat on, you can hold your hand on the film side of the mat for about 20 seconds to feel the warmth.

How does the Pet-Mat work?

The Pet-Mat is designed to give a low constant heat output and works on dynamic heat transfer. It is made to attain a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius whether it is covered or not. Due to the TFT technology, the mat won't ever overheat, ensuring a consistently comfortable use of the mat. Depending on the conditions (flooring type like tiles or floor boards, and air temp), the mat can reach up to 20-30 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature. Since the Pet-Mat works on dynamic heat transfer, it should maintain a temperature slightly warm to the touch until body contact is made. The area in contact with the mat will warm up comfortably.

What voltage does the Pet-Mat operate on?

The voltage for the Pet-Mat is 12 Volts DC. Power is provided by a 100-240 volts AC–transformer which is UL, GS, CE, CCC S&E, (globally certified) and Australian/NZ approved (N136). The Pet Mat itself consumes 10– 18 watts approximately and conforms to AS/NZ 335.2.81 for human contact heating mats. An advantage of our Pet-Mat is that it is not operated directly using household current (240volts AC) for additional safety.

Is the Pet-Mat safe to be on all day/night?

Yes, it can be left on 24/7 provided you follow the recommendations. As the Pet-Mat is self-regulating there are no concerns for it overheating at any time.

Is the Pet-Mat waterproof/wee proof?

The mat is waterproof, you only need to keep the transformer and cords away from water or wee, but it won’t catch on fire or even give an electric shock if it comes in contact as it is based on DC. To clean the Pet-Mat you can wash it under running water or just wipe it off with a damp washer.

How flexible is the Pet-Mat?

Instructions state the Pet-Mat should be placed on “flat, even surface”. It can be placed on firm surfaces such as trampoline beds, the floor, or firm couch cushions. While the mat is flexible, we don’t recommend it to be placed on very soft surfaces (such as plush beds, or soft couch cushions), as the bend may damage the circuit.

I sometimes place a doona over my dog's bed. Can you place a Pet-Mat under a doona?

It's highly recommended that the Pet-Mat should be placed on top of the doona – NOT underneath.

You can use the mat as is, but if you'd like to use a covering, it's recommended to use a thin cloth or towel which allows the heat to transmit through. If there is a ‘heavier’ material (cotton, wool or sheep skin) it will likely block the heat coming through and prevent your pet reaping the optimal heat benefit.

Why do you not recommend placing a Pet-Mat under bedding?

The mat is designed to provide heat through body contact. Placed under bedding will stop the heat from transferring, or trap the heat. Think of it like an electric blanket for people — it goes on top of the mattress, and anything too thick will stop the heat from transferring from the blanket to you. If you put too thick bedding materials on top, your pet will not be able to enjoy the heat benefit of Pet-Mat. 

Where are the Pet-Mats designed?

The Pet-Mats are designed in Australia.

Which countries do you ship to?

Orders from ship worldwide.

My country is not listed in the shopping cart. Will you ship to my country?

Yes. If you would like your Pet-Mat shipped to a country not listed in our shopping cart, please get in contact and we will make arrangements for you.

Do you offer discounts for breeders or retailers?

Yes!  We have excellent offers for pet breeders and pet retail stores. Minimum quantities are required and your Australian approved pet breeder number and or Australian Business Number and business address must be provided with order. 

Pet Breeders can shop online here.

Pet Retailers can shop online here.

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