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Using Pet-Mat during and after surgery is a huge benefit to your patient

Pet Mat can be of great assistance in your clinic for:

  • Anaesthesia pre-warming

  • Rapid anaesthesia recovery 

  • Improved patient outcomes


Read below for the full list of benefits and uses of Pet Mat in your veterinary clinic...

Pet Mat is trusted by vets
Benefits of Pet Mat - For Vets
Controlled Heating to 40°c

The Pet-Mat™ has been designed to utilise a principle of "heat dynamics" whereby heat flows from a gradient of higher heat to lower heat therefore eliminating the use of a thermostat. The mat is made to attain a maximum of 40°C whether it is covered or not.

Easily Cleaned & Sanitised

Pet-Mat can be kept surgically clean, is washable with soap and water and can be sanitised to prevent cross contamination of disease. The ‘transformer’ or adaptor should not be exposed to any moisture and separated from the mat prior to cleaning.

TFT Technology

Pet-Mats uses TFT ‘Thin Film Technology’, based on dynamic heat transfer. The mat will be warm to the touch and will heat up gradually once body contact is made.

Low Power Consumption - 12v DC Powered

The power required to create heat through carbon fibre technology is very low providing heating at economical rates - 11watts for the medium Pet-Mat and 18watts for the large size.

No Risk of Electrocution

There is no risk of electrocution if the mat is punctured by scalpels or sharp instruments as the mats are powered using a 12v DC current source.

No EMF from Printed Circuit Design

Unlike heaters with wired circuits these heaters DO NOT produce high EMF and will not cause magnetic interference with diagnostic machines.

Hard-Wearing Design

The mats are resistant to moisture and chemicals. The non cable element makes it more flexible, which means it can take a bit of bending. A fold-over in a traditional wire heater can cause excessive and potentially dangerous temperature spikes. Cracks and breakages of the internal heater conductor when bent is the main cause of most heater failures.

Interested in Pet Mat for your Clinic?

Reach out to us here for special offers on multi-buy Pet Mats for clinical use.

Pet Mat is a veterinary grade pet heating device
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