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Essential Pet Care ideas for Winter

As the temperature drops like it did this week (!!) it takes a little more effort to keep our furry friends happy, safe and warm. Here are some of our best tips for caring for your pets as the weather turns cold...

1. Winter Wardrobe:

Is your pet a fashionista? Now is the time to show off their style! Most pets will benefit from a winter coat or sweater, especially small animals and those with short fur or low body. They'll give your pet an extra layer of insulation, help them warm stay warm and look cute too! This is most important when they're outdoors. Be sure to choose the right size and a good fit so the clothing is comfortable and secure. It should allow free and movement with no parts or pieces that might drag or catch. Keep them safe!

keep your dog warm in winter

2. Keep them cosy:

When the weather outside is frightful, keep your pets indoors as much as possible! They will need somewhere very warm and comfortable to snuggle indoors as they will spend so much more time inside. Make sure they have a few different places that are warm and away from cold drafts. Use plenty of blankets, cushions and bedding to keep them comfy. Good home insulation helps as does maintaining a moderate temperature inside. With the the high cost of electricity, it's not practical to run heating 24/7 and it's not safe to do that either. This is why our Pet Mats are so great. They create a perfect warm place for your cat or dog to keep warm whenever they need it without running up a huge electricity bill.

warm cat heating pad

3. Hydration and Nutrition:

Pets often require more calories during winter to maintain their body temperature - especially smaller pets. Check with your vet to ensure you're providing the appropriate amount and type of food for your pet's needs. Keep fresh water available at all times, as hydration is just as crucial in the winter as it is in the summer.

pet care in winter

4. Exercise and Mental Stimulation:

While it's important to limit your pet's exposure to cold weather, they still require regular outdoor exercise. However, as they spend more time inside, mental stimulation is important. Indoor activities such as interactive toys, puzzles, or obedience training sessions will keep their minds sharp and wear them out too! Consider creating an indoor exercise area, or utilize pet-friendly indoor facilities where your dog can burn off energy in a controlled environment.

caring for dogs in winter

5. Grooming and Skin Care:

Winter can be a challenging time for your pet's skin and coat. Indoor heating can cause dryness, and the cold weather can make their skin more prone to irritation. Brush your pet regularly to remove loose fur and promote healthy circulation. Avoid excessive bathing, as it can strip essential oils from their coat and contribute to dryness. Consult your veterinarian for guidance on specific grooming needs for your pet's breed and coat type.

caring for cats in winter

Caring for your pets during the winter requires a few seasonal tweaks, but it's not hard! A warm and comfortable environment, proper nutrition and plenty of stimulating indoor activities will keep your furry friends safe, healthy, and happy throughout the colder months.

Keep your pets warm all winter with Pet Mat!

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