Pet-Mat Set (Medium)

Pet-Mat Set (Medium)

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Pet-Mat is the latest in heating pads for pets utilizing the advanced technology of Thin Film Technology, resulting in the most economical, self-regulating, high-tech heating device perfect for keeping pets or sick / arthritic animals warm. It is impossible for the mat to overheat. It does not emit any EMF which can be harmful and interrupt with Veterinary programs.

The Pet-Mat Medium (380mm x 280mm) is designed for small to medium sized animals, such as cats and small to medium sized dogs.


The mat can be placed on top of a pet bed, crate or any location where heat is required. The Mat is compact (about 2mm thick), flexible, durable, waterproof and most importantly, operates on a low voltage 12 volt, 10.28W system which is entirely safe for all pets. The Medium mats use 10.28W.


You can even take your Pet-Mat on the road and plug it into the standard cigarette/cigar lighter socket with our portable car adaptor. This means that you can keep your animal warm & happy when exploring the world! 


Each box contains:
1 x Pet-Mat (380mm x 280mm)
1 x Universal 12 Voltage DC Transformer with AU connection


With the original Pet-Mat™ you can be confident that your pet is kept warm and comfortable all year round!


Great for surgery recovery and whelping boxes. 


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