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Cosy Creatures - What's your pet's sleeping style?

Even though your pets can't talk, they communicate in all kinds of ways, even when they're sleeping!

How your pet sleeps tells you a lot about how they're feeling, which changes several times a day. Look for these common shapes for insight to how your pet is feeling...

For cats & dogs

Side sleepers:

Sleeping on their side is a sign pets feel safe and comfortable. In this position, your pet is in a pretty deep sleep. You might even notice twitching and flickers; sure signs they're dreaming. Side sleeping is a safe option for pets because they can easily get up and spring into action if needed. It's common in puppies and smaller pets and also pets with arthritis, as it takes weight off their joints.

Sphinx/ Lion shape:

Sleeping belly down with paws forward puts your cat or dog in a position to act or respond quickly. They may take this shape if they're not 100% comfortable and expect to be disturbed. or even when they're waiting for you to come home and play. Sphinx sleepers aren't totally rested, so they probably won't keep this shape for long.


Possibly the cutest position, pets sleeping in a donut shape are literally curling in on themselves, making themselves as tiny as possible. This is a safety position they take to protect themselves physically covering their vital organs reducing their visibility so they're less vulnerable. Donut sleeping preserves heat and pets will sleep in this position when cold too. They feel safe and comfy in this position.

Superman (or superpet!)

In superman sleep style, your pet is lying on the floor with arms stretched forward and legs stretched behind them. It doesn't look super comfortable, but they don't stay in this shape for long. Usually superman sleepers are looking to cool down. They lie on a hard or cold floor (tiles, wood, grass) and spread out to take as much surface area as possible. Bigger dogs like this shape to cool down and rest after play. It tends to be a transient sleep shape with only light sleep.

Cuddling (people or other pets)

The beautiful snuggling pets are the ones who look to cosy up against you to sleep, on the lounge or maybe in your bed! If they have a pet-pal in the house they might cosy up all over each other. Either way its a sign of seeking comfort, giving and receiving affection and warmth. It's one of our favourite ways to see our pets sleep!

Belly Up

If your pet sleeps belly up they are truly relaxed and comfortable. Exposing their belly exposes their vital organs, so they only sleep this way if they feel completely safe. That said, don't disturb your pet in this position! They're ready to pounce, claws out, and will jump up to protect as needed. Better to let sleeping dogs (or cats) lie.

Cats only:

Cats are funny aren't they? They're so limber they may squirm into the weirdest shapes and still be 100% comfortable. Some cats love squishing into boxes to sleep trying to keep safe and hide so they can chill out. If they're paws are over their face, take it as a warming and do not disturb!

Just for dogs:

Some dogs are full-on burrowers and will dig and bury themselves under a pile of blankets - including yours! Terriers are well known for this. They'll usually come up for air when they're too hot, but just make sure they can't get stuck and have a safe way to get out.

Tell us how your pet sleeps in the comments below.

And remember, if your pet is looking for warmth, especially when you're not around and even more if they're small, old or arthritic, Pet Mat will help them get a cosy sleep any time of day or night!

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