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The most cost effective pet heating this Winter 

Pet Mat

The best way to keep your best friend warm this Winter!

 Pet Mat™ provides safe, easy, energy efficient 'on demand' warmth for your Pet!

Pet-Mat™ is a technologically advanced animal heating pad that keeps your pet warm & cosy when they need it most!

The Australian designed Original Pet-Mat™ combines carbon-fibre technology and touch activated heating to create a safe, slimline, easy to use and clean pet heating pad. With minimal energy consumption it's planet friendly and pocket friendly; an extremely economical way to keep your pets warm without breaking the bank.

Widely used by vets, Pet-Mat™ is perfect for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. It's the easiest way to keep pets warm during Winter and in cold climates.  Short-haired and hairless pets will love it, while very old, young or sick pets will find comfort from Pet-Mat's self-regulating heat support all year round.


Big, small, young or old, your furry friends will LOVE staying warm with safe, cosy, pet mat all day and night!

The Original Pet-Mat™ 

Cost effective pet heating mat
Australia's number 1 Pet Heating Pad

Pet Soap Special!

Propolis Pet Soap Bars from Pet Mat

Add a sensitive skin pet cleansing bar to your order!

Enhanced with Manuka Honey & Propolis to sooth and protect your pet's skin while you wash!

Our Happy Customers 

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Labrador mix Pet-Mat Heated Animal Pad
Husky Pet-Mat Heated Animal Pad
Shih Tzu Pet-Mat Heated Animal Pad
Pomeranian Pet-Mat Heated Animal Pad
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