Keep me warm & cosy... 



Pet-Mat™ is a technologically advanced animal heating pad that keeps your pet warm & cosy when they need it most!

The Australian designed original Pet-Mat™ uses specially developed carbon-fibre technology and direct-contact heat transfer, making it the most energy efficient, safest, slim, light and easy-to-clean pet heating pad available. 

Widely used by vets, Pet-Mat™ is perfect for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. It's the easiest way to keep pets warm in Winter, or in cold climates.  Short-haired and hairless pets will love it, while very old, young or sick pets benefit from Pet-Mat's self-regulating heat support.


Big, small, old your young, your furry friends will LOVE keeping warm on our safe, cosy, pet mat all day long!  

The Original Pet-Mat™