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Pets who need more help keeping warm in Winter

Have you noticed your little furry friend shivering a little lately?

Maybe, like our lovely baby Jack Russell, your pooch chooses to lie in front of the fireplace whenever it happens to be switched on?

We can't keep expensive heating appliances running all day and we can't let our fur babies freeze either.

Cats, notoriously, seek out the warmest place to lounge around in. During Winter, in cold, dark or draughty homes this can be a challenge.

Whenever the cold hits - and boy has it hit Australia this month! - our pets need to keep warm. Some pets need a bit more help than others. This is our list of who and why...

1. Newborn or very young pets - pups and kittens

These guys need more help to stay warm because they bodies aren't quite mature enough to maintain a regular body temperature. They will grow into it of course, but until they're a little older, they probably need some extra help keeping warm.

2. Older or sick pets

Just like the young ones, these poor old guys also have trouble maintaining their own body temperature at healthy levels. When the weather gets very cold, it's important to help your older and sick pets to keep warm - especially if you're not around to supervise.

3. Short haired or hairless pets

There are plenty of these around, and naturally, they are going to feel much colder than other animals, especially in Winter. Even short haired dogs and cats that are generally robust and healthy will feel the cold alot in Winter, especially if they are lean.

4. Very small dogs

There are so many popular small dog breeds, and if you own one, you know they get the shivers pretty quickly and easily. Most are used to wearing warm outfits when they head outside for a walk but those aren't always practical indoors. Small animals lose body heat much more easily than other pets, and for this reason, they need some extra help to stay warm - especially in Winter.

5. Lean dogs and cats

Even if you have large, healthy, adolescent or adult pet, they may still really be impacted by cold weather. This is especially common for lean breeds. Like humans, the less padding from fur or fat is going to make the animal feel colder more easily.

We created the Original Pet Mat for vets to use in surgery and recovery care, as in those states animals really can't control their own temperatures.

We quickly realised how many other dogs and cats could benefit from having a safe, secure and warm place to rest - especially in Winter.

Pet Mat is a much loved, easy to use, cheap and incredibly safe way to ensure that your pet stays warm in Winter. It's especially handy if you work or are out of the home all day and don't want to leave heating devices and appliances running unattended.

If your pet is feeling the cold this Winter, Pet Mat is a perfect, inexpensive, energy efficient pet warming solution. You might even want one for yourself!

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